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Whether this is your first book or your fortieth, formatting your manuscript and making sure it looks right in all formats can be a daunting proposition.

We understand because we were in your shoes too at one point.

Hundreds of books later, working with self-publishing authors and independent presses alike, we do what we're good at so you can focus where you shine.

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Angie Mroczka

Owner + Head Geek

I know what it's like to search all over the web looking for instructions on how to make your Kindle file look like the other ones on Amazon or how to struggle with the software to add a 'swirl thingie' under the chapter name on your paperback.

That was me in 2011 while formatting an anthology I had put together. I wrestled with it for days before I finally got everything the way I wanted.

This struggle, along with my drive for learning, led me to dedicate myself to the study and art of book formatting.

Just over six years later, I've worked with hundreds of authors from countries all over the world to help them publish beautiful books. I've also mentored authors on how to format their books, a couple of which have started thriving book design businesses of their own.

In addition to making beautiful books, I'm also an avid study of graphic design and book marketing. Sign up for the free AuthorGeek Brand Syndicate membership and check out the AuthorGeek blog.


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